Nibbles with Champagne

31 Dec

More bottles of champagne are opened on this day than any other day…of course. Much of the time it’s opened and sprayed and drunk with a burst of celebration. However, if you’re opening a special champagne with someone special, and you’re going to savor the champagne along with that someone special, you may want something to nibble on. The “best” nibbles will enhance your experience…. We got started a day early, and this is what we found:

A friend had give us a special champagne which we’d never had before, and extra-brut from Egly-Ouriet, and it didn’t disappoint. It was both powerful and elegant at the same time, a characteristic I often experience in favorite wines. It showed green apple, with a touch of cinnamon and cream. Straw notes and a touch of oxidation were evident. After enjoying a couple sips, we tried a few nibbles.

Salty potato chips


Soft goat cheese

We’ve paired potato chips in the past with success, but with this champagne it created a bit of sourness that didn’t improve the champagne.

The cashew pairing was excellent, adding some soft nutty notes to the champagne.

We tried the goat cheese primarily because we love the cheese…it turned out to be the best pairing…the extra-brut nature of the champagne seared through the coating of goat cheese on the tongue and added a creamy texture to the champagne experience.

The fun was in trying the pairings, experiencing them  in new and different ways. Undoubtedly, the results could have been different with a different champagne (and have been in some of past pairings).

So if you’re having a quiet New Year’s Eve and a special champagne (or any bubbly, of course), get some nibbles and experience how they pair.

Happy Pairings!






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