Trip to Southern France 1

3 Mar

Feb 27, 2010

“Air France is the Best”

I highly recommend Air France. In our (admittedly limited) international travel, we have had the best experiences on Air France. We are off to Bandol, by way of Marseille, and the flight has been a pleasure. Not only is the food quite serviceable, in fact, superior to any other flight food we’ve had, but the wines and service are quite nice as well. A platter of several things for dinner, all quite edible, with a glass of Heidsike champagne to celebrate, along with a small bottle of decent cab/syrah from Pays D’Oc. The server, not an oenophile, averred that the Champagne wasn’t from France, but we forgive that lack of knowledge for the fact that it is indeed a fine champagne.

When Lori and I were first getting into wine, we read an article by the couple from the Wall St. Journal on champagne, and they concluded, in all categories, Heidsike, Heidsike, Heidsike. So when I went to the galley to obtain a liquid drink for my vitamin pills, I asked for water or champagne. “Whichever you like”. So, of course, I selected the Champagne..”merci”…and “Air France is the best”. The answer was, “and we have the best customers”.  I headed off to the lavatory and stopped on the way back to request a glass for Lori…not only did they refill the glass, and hunt another bottle, but pulled out another glass for me and filled it too. “Formidable”, I said…”Merci”….back in my seat I sipped slowly, nice fruit, a touch of sweetness…delicious….Air France is the best.

“On the Other Hand, Air France is not the Best”

I wrote the above while on the plane. It’s an “overnight” flight of about 7 hours…with dinner ending after close to three hours, and then “breakfast” an hour before arriving. The most sleep one can get is about two hours, which we didn’t get. That’s OK…we know and expected that. Upon landing, though, the plane sat for 20 minutes waiting for a spot. We rushed over to our connection to Marseille and got there 5 minutes early…but guess what…the flight had already left…we were told they leave 10 minutes early….and didn’t wait even though it was their own flight that delayed us. We now will arrive in Marseille at the time of our first appointment at Chateau Pibarnon. The travails of travel…nothing one can do…a free drink and pastry was our mollification.


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