“More Chateauneuf-du-Pape”

6 Mar

March 3, 2010

Wine Fair

We slept in a bit and then got up to deal with computer issues. The GPS also wasn’t working most of the time. After coffee and croissant in town, we spent the rest of the day going to two of the wine fairs put on by “Decouvertes en Vallee du Rhone”. These fairs are very well done, with lots of information, an awesome free buffet, and more wine than you could ever taste. Each fair is for a different area and has about 60 tables. We went to Sarrians (Luberon and Ventoux) and Beaumes-du-Venice….lot’s of excellent wine….just confirming our opinion that ratings are more about who you know, luck, marketing, etc. than the wine itself.

Luberon and Ventoux – soil is mainly calcaire, and the wine differ more because of the winemaker and local changes in the geography and weather than anything else. They now are their own AOC’s.

Took a “master” class on white wines from the area….very interesting…special English

Class on White Wine from the Area

Early to the Truffle Dinner

We signed up for a truffle dinner, which was fantastic and a lot of fun. There were truffles on a salad, truffle ice cream, etc.- 5 courses with truffles somehow.The only frustration was it was scheduled to start at 7 but didn’t actually get under way until almost 8:30. Fortunately, we sat with a Geert (DE BOCK) who was going back to Chateauneuf-du-Pape, so we could follow him back, about ½ hr drive at midnight after a wine dinner. Whew!

Geert is going to open a shop of wine from the Rhone Valley with wineries owned by women…now there’s a niche for you.

The actual Truffle Dinner, with Geert

Grapes in the Hand Sculpture


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