Portuguese Wines

4 Apr

Portuguese wines are little known and under-appreciated in the in our area. The plethora of unfamiliar grape varietals and a reputation for low quality deter many from buying Portuguese. However, the quality has been rising steadily but the prices haven’t. We have started to bring in Portuguese wines to the store, and find the quality to price ratio exemplary. This Saturday you can taste 6 Portuguese wines, all new to the store. We like them all (of course), as well as their low prices.

Saturday Portuguese Wine & Food Pairing

April 9, 2011



Wine Food
Fuzelo Vinho Verde, Trajadura 50%, Alvarihno 50%, Crisp White, 11.5%, 2009 nice fresh citrus on the nose and palate Nicoise Olives

Technically from tiny olives are from Spain.  These are similar to some that we recently tasted from Portugal.

Adega de Pegoes, Arinto, Fernao Pires Moscatel 5% for the nose Crisp White, 12.0%, 2009, minerally and sweet on the nose; like a nice Sauvignon Blanc with good length Cod Cakes

We made this with traditional salt cod but did not deep-fry it as is the traditional cooking method; we baked these in the oven in a little bit of Portuguese olive oil.

Quinta da Romeira, Arinto, Crisp White,12.5%            2009, Citrus and minerally on the  nose and palate, nice fruit, good length


Tetilla Cow, Spain This Spanish cheese from Galacia, Spain is very similar to a Portuguese cheese called Casteloes Requeno. It has a mild yet tangy flavor. 
Cabriz, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional, Bold Red, 13.0%, 2008, Intense complex nose with red fruit, nice oak notes, yummy and robust, good acid, mid-palate and good length; mindful of a Cote-du-Rhone


Chorizo with roasted red peppers

A wonderful Portuguese sausage, this one is made by D’Artagnan.  We very simply cooked it in a skillet with Jansal Valley roasted red peppers, a little bit of onion, and some espelette (now available in the store).

Sogevinus Veedha, Touriga Nacional, Tourega Francesca, Tinta Roriz, Bold Red,13.0%, 2008, Intense prune nose, clean, fresh red fruit, smooth tannins, good length Bean and Sausage Stew (Feijoada)

This is a traditional dish in Brazil and Portugal.  It is normally made with the ears and feet of a pig but we found a simpler recipe using linguica.

Monte da Cal, Aragones, Alfrocheiro & Alicante Bouschet, , Bold Red 13.5%, 2007 intense, eucalyptus and red fruit nose; good body, nice fruit, good acid, medium tannins Der Schafer Maxx Cow, Switzerland Spicy, buttery flavor with a long, pungent finish.  This cheese is reminiscent of some of the stinky cheeses of Portugal.



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