Arelio Settimo – traditional style Piemontese Wines

21 May

Special Tasting of AURELIO SETTIMO wines

with the owner and winemaker Tiziana Settimo.

 Aurelio Settimo is a small boutique winery in Piedmont, It. Recently we tasted the line-up of their wines from and were very impressed…excellent wines with excellent value. Tiziana Settimo, the winemaker and owner will be at Pairings, giving you the opportunity to meet her and taste the wines (paired with food). These are traditional wines with a sense of place, just the kind we like (see below for a discussion of why). All of these wines received our top rating, which takes into account the wine and its value. Stop in and try the Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barolo and single vineyard Barolo Rocche.

The Line-up

Dolcetto d’alba 2008               Reg.  $21.99     at Pairing $17.59

Nebbiolo Langhe 2005            Reg.  $31.99     at Pairing  $25.59

Barolo 2005                            Reg. $45.99      at Pairing  $36.79

Barolo Rocche  2005               Reg. $54.99      at Pairing  $43.99

On Traditional Barolos and Barbarescos

In the 1980’s there was a movement to modernize Barolos (and Barbarescos). This involved reducing the maceration (soaking) time to reduce tannins, and aging for a shorter time in small French barriques These Barolos matured faster were less tannic, less austere and, some say tasted a lot like California Cabernets. This eliminates the pure, unadulterated (no new oak!) aromas and flavors such as ripe strawberries, tar, mint, eucalyptus, licorice, roses and tobacco that are typical of the nebbiolo grape. Traditional wines such as those of Aurelio Settimo, are aged in large barrels, without adding oaky flavors. These wines have complex flavors, and with age they take on secondary aromas, such as leather or forest floor. In recent years the trend has been back to traditional methods, we are happy to report, and the Aurelio Settimo Barolos are good examples.

From Aurelio Settimo

Aurelio’s parents settled in the Annunziata hamlet in 1943, in an old farmhouse built at the end of the 19th century. Until 1962 they used to practice mixed farming, working the land (vineyards, fruit trees, hazelnuts) and breeding animals (hens, rabbits, cows). The grapes were sold to big local wineries, and just a small amount remained for the family to produce wine for themselves and friends and relatives.

At the end of the 1950s, Aurelio’s father began bottling some of the wine under the SETTIMO DOMENICO label. Aurelio had understood how special this land really was however, and when Domenico died in 1962 he decided to specialize in wine-growing. Until 1974, when Aurelio began extending the winery, 50% of the grapes grown on the estate continued to be sold to the larger local wineries. But since the 1974 vintage all the production has been vinified on site.

The Settimo family has continued to maintain a traditional product line, in particular as regards Barolo. Since the death of Aurelio (March 2007), production and sales have been handled by his daughter Tiziana, who had long been assisting him in the running of the business. The philosophy remains the same, however: to focus on QUALITY, in keeping with TRADITION.


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