Treated to an Awesome Pizza Wine

2 Jul

There are pizza wines and then there are “Pizza Wines”. Last night we treated ourselves to an Altesino Rosso di Montalcino, clearly a “Pizza Wine”. I describe it at a Baby Brunello and to my palate, it’s better than most Brunello’s I’ve had, at a much lower cost. The Yankee in me has precluded our having a full-blown Brunello with Friday night pizza. The Altesino is a great alternative, with its feral, forest floor, ripe plums and earthy finish….mmmm…I’m re-tasting it in my mind. It’s great when that happens, especially since a plethora of the wines I drink have less of an effect. I still remember, and can almost taste, the first Amarone I had 15 years ago. That Bertani Amarone, as much as any other single thing, set Lori and I on the course that lead to Pairings Wine and Food…but I digress.


We were tired of the Pizzas from local shops and wanted to try someone new. I’d heard of Posto in Davis Square, Somerville, where an old friend had helped set up the wine program over a year ago. The menu enticed us, and we went for a half order of their Classic Bolognese Pasta, with heritage breeds pork, veal and beef, fresh oregano and parmesan. We ordered the Grilled Eggplant pizza, with roasted mushrooms added on. In the hope of special food, we chose the Altesino for the wine pairing.


The food surpassed our hopes. The Bolognese was up there with the best we’ve had, with an engaging mix of meats and spices. The pizza had fresh ingredients, with a collage of different types of mushrooms. The fresh oregano made a huge impact, in a way that the dry version can’t. The Altesino Rosso was a perfect pairing. I’m glad the Yankee in me kept us from choosing the more expensive Altesino Brunello. As awesome as the Brunello is, the Rosso was a better pairings. We’ll save the Brunello for a special Osso Bucco meal at home after the warm weather is gone.


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