Cheese & Wine, A Guide to Selecting, Pairing and Enjoying, by Janet Fletcher

6 Jul

Pairings is bringing in books that we think are particularly useful for Wine and Food Pairing. The latest is a book on Cheese and Wine, which we described as follows:

This book is an excellent guide to cheese and wine for us pedestrians. We want to know about the different cheeses and suggested wine pairings, without having too much information or an elitist attitude. After a nice introduction about cheese in general, there’s a page for every “cheese to know”, arranged alphabetically, with description and suggested wine pairings.


Taking cheddar as an example, the book talks about its loss of reputation due to “tasteless, waxy blocks….in most supermarkets. Traditional cloth-bound Cheddar is one of the most complex and captivating cheeses made anywhere”. For wines, pick “a red wine with some intensity to stand up the Cheddar”. We verified this experimentally (such hard work), pairing our Cabot Clothbound cheddar with the “Hawk Red” from Buttonwood, and then spoiled ourselves even more with the Sage Veedercrest Cabernet Sauvignon. We plan on more experimenting with this book.


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