Shooting Star Farms –3 Chili Salsa Pairings with Trentadue La Storia Zinfandel

7 Jul

The La Storia Zinfandel is a big juicy and powerful wine that stands up to all kinds of spicy BBQ. The 3 Chili Salsa is a medium to mild, with a fresh tomato and spice flavor. We tried 3 pairings. As one would expect, using tortilla chips to scoop the salsa is a nice pairing. Adding our cumin cheese was an even better pairing, with the cumin beautifully bridging the tomatoes in the salsa to the red ripe fruit in the wine.

The most interesting pairing was a stir fry….we wanted dinner and just made it up as follows. Cut up zucchini’s and an onion into small pieces, and, adding salt and pepper, sauté them in olive oil with chicken tenders until done. Add a cup of cooked brown rice and one-half a jar of the Salsa (and other leftovers in the fridge – in this case it was grilled potato and onions) and cook until combined…Voila, a wonderful dinner and perfect pairing with the Zinfandel


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