Canary Island Wine

24 Feb

The Canary Islands are not exactly the best known source of wines around the world…..but they are Imagethe source of some of the most interesting wines in the world. Yes, those are individual vines in volcanic soil, each protected in its own “crater” against the wind and to catch scant rainfall. Tasting these wines recently evoked some unusual combinations of descriptors (see below). Duck Rillette was an excellent pairing with the two wines tasted.

Fronton de Oro Gran Canaria; a blend of Tintilla and Listan Negro; Dusty cinnamon & white pepper on the nose, with dry red fruit, ruby grapefruit, cinnamon, and tobacco on the palate.

Tajinaste Tenerife Valle de la Oratava; Listan Negro; Perfumed fresh black fruit and spices on the nose; lead pencil, dry soil, and rhubarb on the palate

More on the Wines

You can find a great article on wines of the Canary Islands at:, “Grapes Born of Volcano and Sea” by Eric Asimov of the New York Times.

We also note that these wines are from “Jose Pastor Selections”, which is a source of fine wines from many areas of Spain. Jose Pastor represents the qualities we admire and look for in wines….”a passionate proponent of distinctive regional styles and traditional methods, who avoids wines that have been subjected to the blurring influence of internationalism.”

He also does not submit his wines for evaluation and scoring because of a philosophical difference which we share (you don’t see scores at Pairings and we don’t promote wines because of scores). He feels that spending a few seconds with a wine fails to capture everything about it. He says “it’s easier to understand wine talk when it is coming from a fellow consumer, who describes a wine with food-or even over food, sharing the wine together.” We couldn’t have said it better.


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