Bald Mountain and Enkidu

23 May

Group at at the top of Bald Mtn


Wild Turkey

Day 2 was a “recovery” day, sleep in, exercise and visit a couple of wineries. After a nice breakfast and some blogging, we headed up the road (Adobe Canyon Road) to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park…wonderful hiking with great views in all directions, views of Napa and Sonoma Valley….highly recommended if you’re in the area and like to hike. Hikes can be tailored to different lengths and difficulties. The shortest route to Bald Mtn is about 2.5 miles and well worth the effort…you’ll get those views, and probably see some interesting wildlife. We saw deer, lizards, lots of wild turkeys, road runners and snakes (one a rattler).

Bring lots of water, per the usual. We did a little extra, making a loop that was between 6 and 7 miles….then back to the house, a dip in the pool, lunch, a shower and already it was almost 3pm. The day just flew by as we all enjoyed the exercise, the venue and each other. We had a few wineries in mind, but the main objective was –


Group at Enkidu

Enkidu, which is only a few miles from the house. We’d “discovered” Enkidu just about a month ago, loved the two wines we had a chance to taste, and now have them at Pairings. You can try them this coming Saturday (May 26, 4-7 pm) at Pairings Wine and Food. We wanted to be at Pairings for the tasting, but going to the Tasting Room in Kenwood is way more than sufficient compensation.

Enkidu is a small boutique winery, making only 3,500 cases per year, from sourced grapes. The quality is outstanding with super value. We tasted several more wines at the tasting room and will be looking into additional wines to carry at Pairings Wine and Food. Go to to read the story about the name, coming from an ancient story of Gilgamesh. Some of the names (see below) are from that story. Paul checked our ID’s (first time in 30 yrs for me), lead us through the wines and took our picture.

The Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma County) has honeydew on the nose; it sees some oak, has nice acid and is very long on the palate.

Shamhat Rose of Syrah is delicious, full bodied for a rose, but good acid. You can have it with dinner, but we bought some and tonight we’re having it with apps.

The Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (which you can try Saturday) has lovely balance of fruit, spice and minerality…dustiness and chalkiness coming from the inclusion of some whole clusters. A touch of earthiness, with raspberries and cherries.

Odyssey Syrah – is very different, with dried herbs, “brown spices” and hints of expresso. The taste is influenced by eucalyptus trees growing next to the vineyard.…the oil from the Eucalyptus trees blows onto the vines, leading to notes of “camphor” on the palate. This is a unique Syrah, and was the favorite for two of the tasters…very different; dried herbs and long, with integrated tannins.

Humbaba is a Rhone Blend (also at Pairings and open to taste on Saturday), with lovely fruit and minerality at the same time – blueberries, blackberries and a hint of olive…balanced in the mouth – delicious.

Enkidu Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with 10% Petit Syrah, is inky and big, but at the same time has finesse, with plum and coffee notes – delicious – I’ll see if we can get it in at Pairing.

Paul told us about a 2nd level wine “E”, which he said is a fabulous value…we bought the Napa and the Sonoma “E”, a regular Enkidu cab and will compare them all in a tasting.

Paul recommended Audelssa as a small winery not to be missed. They are very small and sell all the wine to club members and out of the tasting room…an interesting business model as they get a full mark-up….and the wines are expensive.

Steak dinner with the MacRosti Syrah (peppers and spices) was a great match.


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