Lori and Ray Schaefer are the pair behind Pairings Wine and Food. Although Ray will be doing most of the blogging, this is about us. We are passionate about wine and food, and believe experience is the best (and most fun) way to learn. We love to try different wines with different foods, and love to share this.

We travel to different wine regions around the world, both to experience and identify special wineries and wines (rather than solely relying on importers or distributors or scores), as well as to taste indigenous foods that pair well with local wines. We endeavor to bring the best back to Pairings. With so many foods and so many wines, learning is never-ending. Personal experience is the best way to choose wines and foods. Theres no right or wrong, just what you like. This blog is about the wines, the foods, the pairings, the travels and related experiences.

We favor wines characteristic of the area where they are produced (e.g., the “terroir”), as opposed to international style wines that could be from anywhere. Wineries with environmental concerns tend to give more attention to quality and, in our experience, are more likely to provide nice wines at a comparably reasonable price.

Pairings Wine and Food is an expression of our lifelong exploration of wine and food. It is an endeavor of passion, a passion we share here and with our customers daily. If you are in the vicinity of our store, please stop by and say hello, and explore a diversity of wines, spirits and foods. We often offer complimentary wine food Pairings that are fun, informative and delicious


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